Saturday, 26 July 2014

INQ28 - Look into the Past (part 1)

-- "I fight with light!" --

- Wernher von Kraut

>> Before he joined Ambras and became a significant member of his retinue, Wernher was an ordinary warrior acolyth in service of an unknown Inquisitor. His team was sent on a mission to investigate the disappearance of a spaceship called "The Explorer".

Wernher von Kraut and his former team.

>> When all went wrong von Kraut managed to survive thanks to his remarkably crafting skills. However, the rest of his group got killed during a massive battle versus mysterious robotic skeletal warriors...

An unknown Plasma Acolyth.
Another guy kneeing.

>> He never returned to his previous master and hid on the planet, where all his friends had died. During this desolate time he became obsessed by his studies and developed some very weird habits.

... to be continued!