Saturday, 22 November 2014

NECROMUNDA - The Ash Wastes (part 1)

-- The Road belongs to the Mad --

Stop! Hold on! Before you read further, check out this article on the leadpile. Another very helpful and inspiring post can be found on Meltaburn. I really recommend you to take some time and have a look!

And of course, the trailer of Mad Max: Fury Road had a high impact on this too: Vehicles in Necromunda!

Armoured Car "Oldie" with Heavy Stubber (WIP).

"The Scout" - A reconnaissance car (WIP).

I'm still not sure, what rules I'll be using. Ash Wastes looks good, uncertain about Gorkamorka. Something more streamlined or simplified could be a possibility. Any suggestions?
Considering to the Ash Waste rules, the established Chimera, a tracked heavily armoured vehicle (300 Credits) with two Heavy Bolters (360 Credits), one Driver (50 Credits), two Heavies (120) to fire the weapons and a Boss (120 Credits) would cost 950 Credits (at least).

Fair enough:

The Chimera (PIP).
Still figuring out what to do here. Let me know what you think!

Sunday, 9 November 2014

INQ28 - Death of an Inquisitor (part 1)

-- The dark fate of Dante --

I'm not sure if you can actually call the life of a servitor, a life. That's why I consider him dead. At least for now...

First WIP.
Sentenced to "Servitude Imperpituis".

The arm with the multi-melta is magnetized. Maybe I change the weapon later to something more Inq28.

-- A new challenge --

YakTribe Competition 4 is up and running! Here is the Criteria - Make a figure based on your own or another forum users name, it can be any special character, gang warband member, special, heavy, hired gun etc. but must be a single 28mm miniature. Interesting. So I had to scavenge my bitzbox this weekend and found:

This Servitor and...
... a priest.

Both pretty crippled (in a wild Inq28 conversion madness). I'll be the boring guy, making a model based on my own forum name. Still not decided yet. The servitor or the priest?

The servitor is my favorite so far.
The priest got the shotgun from an old version of Colonel Straken.
Luckily I found one of his earlier arms. Never liked the standard, it always looks wrong on the original model in my opinion. Still some work to do here.

Dante and another servitor.
Group display.

Which one should I take? Let me know what you think!