Thursday, 2 November 2017

PULP ALLEY - The Agents of Abwehr

Agents of Abwehr. And a tank!!

In my previous post "Meet the Villains!" I already introduced my Pulp Alley league and their background. This time I would like to give a little update and show what has happened in the time between.

Oberst Wuerger has a new base, as well as the Knochen, his dog. Speaking of which, I think he needs a stat card too!

Oberst Wuerger, one of his henchman and the Knochen (it's actually Jochen).

Siegfried is also happy about his new base. Even though I think that happy is the wrong word for it. Nevermind.

Siegfried gets his "medicine" ...

Not much changed here. Abwehr agent Murkel is still a formidable spy!

Murkel with Brandenburger Sabotage team.

Still here? Ok, a few more pictures of my Panzerkampfwagen II ...

In the Next Issue:
The British Empire Strikes Back!

Defenders of the Realm. Coming soon to your town too!

Stay tuned for more!